Crawlspace, Attic and Basement, Oh My!

Are you cleaning out your attic? Forgot what you have in the dusty boxes in the basement? Does your basement corner embarrass you? It’s easy to build up stuff and store things in an unused room in your home. It’s easy to close yourself off from the work to organize it. We understand. Life is busy, work is stressful, and family can be demanding at times.It happens to all of us. It happens to the best of us.

So, if you do want to tackle the beast and clear out your crawlspace, attic or basement, you’ll need:

  • Boxes
  • Markers 
  • Labels
  • Vacuum
  • Dust rags
  • and possibly and a few days

Focus on picking up things that you no longer need or want.  Don’t let that junk in the basement or attic weigh you down.

The simple point is that: uncluttering your home can help you de-clutter your mind. One of the biggest stressors in life is visual clutter. When things look nice, clean and organized, the view is calming and pleasant. But when your home looks crowded, the stress of unfinished things needing to be done, sneaks in your subconscious mind and can cause uncomfortable and stressful feelings. There are so many benefits to living more simply and getting “junk” out of your home.

And if you don’t want to move things up the stairs or fight narrow hallways, 123JUNK will be your stress-free solution. If you are looking for help with removing items from your home please contact us to speak with our friendly staff at 800-364-5778. We promise not to put you on hold!


Big to Small: Tips to Balm the Painful Process of Downsizing

123JUNK sees many people downsizing their homes due to short sales, foreclosures, mortgage issues, or just wanting a smaller place to live. Other clients may be moving into a retirement community due to a death in the family or the desire to have less home and yard care or a more simple lifestyle. Whatever the reason, often a new home or apartment involves less storage and living space than the previous residence. This creates tough decisions of keeping or disposing of certain items. While we do not take it upon ourselves to directly consult clients on what to get rid of, the following may help give you some ideas about how to go about clearing out your possessions so that you can have room to actually navigate, live, and enjoy your new, smaller place of residence.

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