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Cheap Junk Hauling

As junk hauling professionals, we cringe every time we hear about somebody Googling “Cheap Junk Hauling.” But it’s a fact of life we have to live with. People are always looking for a bargain.

That got us to thinking about what is really meant by the word “cheap.”

  • Is the homeowner looking for the best price?
  • Does the office manager just want a down and dirty haul-away?
  • Is the client concerned about the professionalism of the team that comes out to their property?
  • Does the client care about the concern the team has for their property?

Does Cheap Mean Pricing?

123JUNK considers itself fairly priced in the junk hauling marketplace. We provide what we believe is very good value for the customer who wants a professional job done right. We also do more — the Donate – Recycle – Dispose model of which we’ve built our reputation is unmatched in our industry. We’re more than just a junk removal company.

One thing we offer is flat rate pricing. This includes all elements of our service, like labor, gas, mileage, and any disposal costs, so our customers receive just one bill. Even though another company might offer a lower estimate on the hauling job, when the extra fees are added in, the price may jump to a level higher than expected. We don’t like unexpected surprises and we believe in transparency

Does Cheap Mean Second-Rate?

As an established business with a carefully trained team, we pride ourselves on our professionalism. First, we outfit all of our employees head to toe with clothing that shows our logo. This creates camaraderie among all of us as teammates as well as adds a level of comfort and security to our customers’ experience. We also invest in high-quality trucks and equipment, and in keeping them clean. Even though our business can be dirty, there is no reason for either our workers or our trucks to appear so.

We never, ever want to offer a second-rate or inferior experience to our customers. Each customer receives the same level of service and polite interaction, no matter what size their hauling job is. For example, when you call into 123JUNK our phones are answered by a living person, not a machine. From that first contact on, we want you to know that you are important to us. You can read more about our goal of satisfying customers in this previous blog post.

Does Cheap Mean Stingy?

Every one of our employees will bend over backwards to make sure our customers have a top-notch experience. We don’t cut corners in our service or our services. For hauling jobs like appliance or office equipment removal, we take the time to cover floors and protect doorways, furniture and corners from scuffs or damage. We also come back in to sweep-clean the area, or rake up any remaining debris from a yard waste removal.

For working with delicate situations such as hoarding, divorce or death cleanouts, our employees are trained in how to deal with customers who are undergoing a stressful situation. We’re not stingy with our time or our resources. Although we must stick to our daily scheduled appointments, it’s not unusual to find one of our haulers or telephone contacts, taking a few extra minutes to help a customer talk through the situation or helping to relocate a heavy piece of furniture from one room to another. Just that little extra can really make the difference in somebody’s life.

So What Does Cheap Junk Hauling Really Mean?

So what does a person really mean when they enter “Cheap Junk Hauling” into the search bar? Certainly they don’t want what seems like cheap pricing only to receive an inflated after-the-work bill, or have an unscrupulous-looking company show up at their doorstep. After all, you’re inviting these people into your private spaces, whether it is your home or office. And you surely don’t want second-rate service or miserly interactions.

What you really want when you say “Cheap Junk Hauling” is great service at an affordable price. And that is just what 123JUNK offers.

Give us a chance and let us bid on your next home or office junk hauling project in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C. Contact us today.