Gold Services Package

A lot of times, people ask me about the scope of services we provide. More often than not, I’ll tell them that the crews at 123JUNK are the “muscle” you need when something is too big or bulky to move yourself. That’s not the whole story, though. It doesn’t give enough credit to the individuals on the trucks—the backbone of 123JUNK.

At our core, we’re still a service-oriented business. We can confidently say that you won’t find any company in our line of work with friendlier or more capable people, from the guys on the trucks doing the heavy lifting to our people in the office putting together the schedules and directing the crews. To work at 123JUNK, you have to be bright, motivated, and personable. Everyone in the organization shares those attributes.

One way we put the knowledge and capability of our people to work is through our Gold Services Package.

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