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A sit down with Jake the Junkman…

Job Title: Corporate Mascot

Company: 123JUNK, LLC

What is your role at 123JUNK?

My role as the mascot for 123JUNK is to set the standard. I want everyone who works and interacts with the people at this junk removal company to think highly of 123JUNK. Whether it’s a realtor who refers us, a couple who just moved to the area, or a senior member of the staff: I aim for smiles across the board and a thumbs up when I walk past.

What made you want to apply to 123JUNK? 

Their emphasis on culture. 123JUNK views junk removal as a team sport. Everyone involved from the get-go feels like they’re on the same team. I didn’t have that at my last job, and it’s something I found exciting with 123JUNK.

When did you know that 123JUNK was the place for you?

Well, I always knew I wanted to be a mascot. Everywhere I looked, it seemed the position had been filled. When I learned about a new junk removal company, back in 2008, that was actively searching…it was a no brainer. I had a sit down with Collin, the owner of the company, and I just knew that this is where I wanted to be.

What is your fondest memory with 123JUNK, thus far?

Honestly, I couldn’t pick just one. I try to get out in the community as often as possible. We visit realtor offices, participate in the Dulles plane pull, host community events, and showcase our company in local parades. We want the world to know that 123JUNK intends to be active in the community. I love that.

What’s a quote that gets you excited about your line of work and why? 

The quote would have to be, “if loving junk is wrong, I don’t want to be right!” I’d make the argument that whatever you do with your life, you should be passionate about it. You should wake up motivated and excited about what is to come. That’s part of the reason I love this job and the company I work for!

If 2020 went exactly as 123JUNK hopes, what would the company’s list of accomplishments look like?

Well, three ideas come to mind right away. 1) We would have made every effort to help as many people as possible. 2) Created career opportunities for more people, developing young employees into leaders. 3) A much larger part of our local community would have furnished homes due, in part, to our charity initiatives.

Learn More About Our Junk Removal Company’s Culture in Chantilly, VA!

At 123JUNK, not only are we committed to our employees, but we also value professionalism and customer service all while respecting our environment. As a Chantilly junk removal company dedicated to a three-step process of Donating – Recycling – Disposing, we can ensure your items will be handled properly by our friendly and professional team. Maybe you will even see Jake the Junkman!

Interested in joining our team? We’re hiring! View our current opportunities.

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Maryland flag

123JUNK is Taking Over Maryland!!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but 123JUNK is really growing in Maryland, especially around the I-495 and I-270 corridor. From a company starting in Virginia in 2008, we’ve expanded our territory quite a bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw one of our big red trucks on the road today.

When we opened our Maryland location a couple of years ago, we thought it might take some time to grow and become known, but boy-oh-boy, we were wrong. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing since. Marylanders heartily welcomed 123JUNK as their junk removal company of choice in cities including Bethesda, Potomac, Chevy Chase, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, Montgomery Village, Rockville and more.

From the feedback and letters we receive, Marylanders appreciate our level of professionalism and attention to detail, not to mention the courteous service, from the first phone call to the last pickup. They even tell us they’re surprised that we’re a local company and not a franchised system. We must be doing something right!

Perhaps it’s our core values that keep us on track. When we founded the business we wanted to run it as if we were the customers. We thought long and hard about how we would want to be treated as customers and make it a point to train everyone at our company with the same philosophy. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable experience with us every time.

Thank you Maryland for supporting 123JUNK. We’re glad to be part of your community.


What’s Junk Got to Do With It?

We decided when we started 123JUNK to espouse a three-point initiative that includes: Donate – Recycle – Dispose in order to help protect our fragile environment. What you might consider junk could just be mucking up our earth—but it doesn’t have to.

History of Environmental Protection

Some of the statistics about waste are shocking. According to Duke University’s Center for Sustainability & Commerce, “Approximately 55% of 220 million tons of waste generated each year in the United States ends up in one of the over 3,500 landfills.” They go on to report than municipal waste landfills account for 22% of methane emissions.

How 123JUNK Solves the Problem 

By culling out items that can be reused in some way, 123JUNK greatly limits the volume of items we take to the landfill. Reusable items like furniture, household goods, clothing and toys are made available for our charitable partners who return them to families who could use them. Repurposable materials like metals, paper and electronic components are taken to a local recycling center. And only then do we take whatever is left over to the dump.

Although we cannot solve all of the world’s problems, we are doing our little bit here at home. If you’re in Maryland, Northern Virginia or Washington D.C. and would like to “join our cause” and donate your unwanted goods or schedule yard waste pickup, please contact 123JUNK. We’ll be glad to schedule one of our big red trucks to come to your home or business.

What’s junk got to do with it? Everything, to us.


123JUNK Can Help With Summer Storm Cleanup

Summer storms can sometimes wreak havoc on our lawnscapes, breaking branches, downing trees, crushing outdoor furniture or littering the yard with debris. What was a beautiful landscape now becomes a disaster zone.

In our area recently, we have been plagued with thunderstorms, hailstorms and even a derecho, and as the pictures on the local TV station testify, there is plenty to clean up.

Local authorities discourage people from tossing yard waste, damaged furniture, water-damaged carpet, or loose debris in with their regular trash items. Rather, they encourage you to gather items into a pile for pickup. If your city does not provide pickup call 123JUNK. With our oversized dump trucks, 123JUNK can load and haul away large loads of debris, damaged furniture or lawn toys and equipment, recycling items when we can. You simply have to point us to the pile.

We do not, however, provide tree services. Any large trees, downed or dangerous trees should be serviced by a licensed tree contractor. Do not attempt to remove trees or branches that have become entangled in electrical wires.

Municipalities and community HOA requirements request that storm cleanup to occur shortly after damage is done in order to maintain cleanliness and sanitary standards. Besides, you’ll feel better once your yard is back to a favorable condition.

Just remember, you don’t have to do it alone. You have 123JUNK to help.


123JUNK Partner Spotlight: Loudoun Habitat ReStore

We hate to see perfectly good items end up in the landfill. That’s why we’ve partnered with wonderful organizations like Loudoun Habitat ReStore in Leesburg, Virginia. We thank them for their dedication to helping local families with both housing through Habitat for Humanity, and furnishings through the ReStore.

When 123JUNK gets a call to pick up indoor or outdoor furniture or household goods, we have a sorting process that culls out the items that can be loved by a new family. We deposit these items into a special bin near the county landfill, where Loudoun Habitat ReStore can pick them up and place them for resale in their store.

“We’re seeing that people are becoming more environmentally savvy and see the value of not throwing good items into a landfill,” said ReStore manager Therese Cashen. “They are focused on recycling, upcycling and repurposing. 123JUNK’s process allows us to get great donations that we can recycle into the community and enable us to fund affordable housing for Loudoun residents.”

Your Old Home Furnishings are Treasures to Another Family

“Whereas many of the ReStores sell building supplies, our store features about 14,000 square feet where we sell mostly home furnishings. We sell anything for the home, and when we have furniture it sells fast,” Cashen said. ”Our biggest challenge is getting enough donations,” Cashen said.

Habitat for Humanity Helps Families Get a Home

The mission of Habitat International is to eradicate substandard housing around the world by building simple, decent and affordable housing in partnership with people in need. “In Loudoun, we have people who work here and can’t afford to live here, so our job is to try to put folks into a livable home or condo,” Cashen explained. “Families and singles can apply to our program, and if chosen, have to put in 100 or more hours of ‘sweat equity’ working on the home or in the store.” The homeowners do acquire a reduced-amount mortgage and need to pay their own bills once they move in.

Call 123JUNK to Donate Your Unwanted Items

If you have perfectly good home or office furnishings you’d like to clear out, please call 123JUNK. We’ll be glad to haul away the items for you, make them available to our charitable partners, and give you a receipt so you can deduct your donation on next year’s taxes. Our big red trucks are waiting for your call.

Learn more about Loudoun ReStore here


Some Extra Incentive

At 123JUNK, you probably know by now that donation is a major point of emphasis. It is, after all, the “1,” in our three-step process. We encourage our truck crew to donate as much as they possibly can after removing the items from our clients’ homes. In many cases, the donation component of our process is what made a client decide to choose us over a competitor. We appreciate and value that choice, and we treat our commitment to serving the local community with great respect. Playing a role in prolonging the lifecycle of the items we collect is rewarding for us, and it undeniably enriches the experience of working at 123JUNK.

This month, our truck crew has more at stake than the satisfaction of knowing they helped to keep a table out of the landfill, or that they played a role in furnishing the home of a family that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford a living room set. Joe (pictured above), who many of our clients probably know from his unforgettable personality, has issued a challenge to his fellow Junkmen. If each of our Truck Foremen are able to donate from a certain number of jobs on which they’ve worked, Joe has promised to allow them to shave his head bald! With a head of hair like his, needless to say this is quite a gamble on his part. He just feels so strongly about the 123JUNK pledge to turn “junk” into opportunity that he is willing to risk his hair for the cause! We are proud of Joe and his call to action for his co-workers.


Labor Only: A Little-Known Service from 123JUNK

By now, everyone knows that 123JUNK hauls junk. But what they may not know is that we provide a little extra service we call “Labor Only.”

Our Labor Only service is used mostly when we’re at a home or office and the owner needs help moving around a few heavy items. It offers the extra help or extra brawn to lift and move weighty or multiple objects. It is ideal for people who are elderly, incapacitated or physically challenged, busy, absent, or stressed for time, although anyone is welcome to use this service.

Here are some examples of Labor Only services:

  • Client has a storage pod or storage unit on site and needs the contents loaded into their home or garage.
  • Client needs to temporarily move the contents of their living room to the family room so new carpet can be installed.
  • Client is doing spring cleaning and needs to move items out of the way in the basement so they can begin the sorting process.
  • Client is remodeling the office and needs the furniture moved to a storage area on premises.
  • Client is cleaning out the shed and wants to have everything removed from it so they can start to reorganize from scratch.
  • Client is putting in a new lawn and irrigation system and needs all lawn furniture and children’s playsets moved into the garage temporarily.

Very often, the client has items they want us to take away when we leave, so we conveniently bring our trucks to every job. Once a space is cleared, it’s difficult to want to fill it back up again with the old stuff.

123JUNK is Not a Moving Company

To be clear, 123JUNK is not a moving company, and we do not move items from one location to another. We partner with many wonderful moving companies who can provide that service for you. If you need a referral, let us know.


We Love Real Estate Agents and They Love Us!

Some of our favorite people are real estate agents. Why? Because we need each other.

It’s nice to feel needed, and when you’re called upon to help, it gives such a wonderful sense of satisfaction to know your talents, skills and resources are helpful to someone else.

Realtors work diligently to learn their field so they can help their clients. And one of their skills is knowing how to better position a home for quick sale.

On our end, 123JUNK helps Realtors with the staging process by professionally removing unwanted items from homes around Northern Virginia and Maryland. We have wonderful relationships with many, many Realtors, who love our quick turnaround and diligence about protecting the property, and we often get our jobs by referral.

Stage Your Home for Quick Sale

One of the best strategies to sell a home quickly and for the most money is to stage it, a process that includes decluttering, depersonalizing and packing up.

Buyers want to envision themselves living in the home, and often they are looking for more space. Toss out items you no longer need, clear spaces and surfaces, and remove any personal or personalized items from view. Pack up and put into storage what you won’t need in the next several months, after all, you’ll be moving soon anyway. Be sure to clear cabinets and closets as well, as buyers will be looking there too.

With minimal furniture and belongings, your home will show beautifully. Your Realtor will go through your home with you, pointing out what should stay and what should go. They may also move furniture around to create groupings and improve flow.

123JUNK Will Take Your Stuff Away

No doubt, you will be getting rid of items. They might be things you don’t use any more, broken furniture, or outdated clothing, for example. 123JUNK will remove the items for you and either repurpose, recycle or trash them. You don’t have to worry that your grandmother’s end tables will be disposed of. We work with generous charitable partners who repurpose and recycle usable items back into the community for someone else to enjoy.

Real estate agents need us to provide professional junk removal, and we need them to provide a consistent customer base. It’s nice to feel needed. If you or a realtor you know need us, please call. We’d love to work with you!

Realtor Testimonials


Putting away the holidays

If you’re like most people, you’re spending one of your weekends in January putting away the holiday decorations. Instead of tossing them all into a box, take the time this year to organize them. This small effort will keep them safe and make decorating next year so much easier.

Group Items into Categories

Dividing items into categories helps the task of packing up go more quickly. Create piles for outdoor decorations, tree ornaments, decorative items, linens, indoor decorations, and wrappings.

Use Storage Boxes

Purchase divided boxes for your fragile ornaments, roll lights onto a spool, store wreaths and artificial trees in appropriately-sized zippered storage carriers. Cinch trees with an old belt or two and label the sections as you remove them for easy re-assembly next year. Corral gift wrap in a convenient caddy.

Dedicate and Label Storage Space

Dedicate a spot in your garage, attic or basement and label boxes as you put them away. Pack the heavy items on the bottom. Hang items from hooks, and use covered bins to keep away bugs and dust and prevent fading. Make a list of anything you need to replace next year and put that in the box marked “open first.”

Give Away or Throw Away

If items are damaged, faded or out of favor, set them aside to give away. This might be a good time to go through all of your holiday decorations and those items you cleared away to make room for them. You might like the new empty spaces once they’ve been cleared.

Simply stack your unwanted items and give 123JUNK a call. We’ll safely remove any items from your property and donate, recycle or dispose of them as needed. All you have to do is point the way.


Decluttering for Home Staging, Part 2

In this second post in our series on decluttering for home staging, 123JUNK continues our quick list of what to declutter from your home.

123JUNK’s Quick Guide to Decluttering for Home Staging


• Pack up all personal items, including photographs, memorabilia and artwork
• Pack out-of-season clothes and linens to store off-site
• Reduce the quantity of clothing in the closet to one third and hang them in categories such as short-sleeves, long sleeves, jackets, skirts, etc.
• Remove extra accessories like handbags, shoes and belts
• Choose pretty, light-colored linens for the bed, with decorative pillows.
• Remove jewelry to a private and secure location
• Store extra furniture to open the room; leave only a bed, a nightstand and a dresser. If there is a seating area, leave on or two chairs.
• Clear off dresser and table tops, leaving one or two decorative items
• Keep children’s toys to a minimum. Corral them into a decorative box.
• For items you need regularly, place them in storage boxes under the bed


• Remove prescription drugs to a private and secure location
• Pack up seldom-used toiletries from drawers and cabinets
• Keep only one or two extra sets of linens in the closet to create an airy look
• Group essential cleaning items into one small out-of-sight area
• Clear off all surfaces

Home Offices

• Remove all furniture except a desk, desk chair and guest chair
• Move business paperwork to Banker’s Boxes; hide them from public view
• Minimize electronic and computer equipment
• Clear off all surfaces and store personal items
• For items you need regularly, store them in a decorative desk-top box

We hope you find this guide helpful for staging your home. At 123JUNK, we have a three-fold philosophy: donate, recycle and dispose. If you need furniture or appliance removal, or cleanup services, please contact us.