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Sep 27, 2021

Find the Right Mattress for You

Have you ever tried to shop for a mattress? It’s not easy. There are hundreds of choices! There’s mattress size, dimensions (yours, the bed’s and the room’s), softness, depth, etc. To find the right mattress for you can take time. To help, we’ll guide you through some of the mattress options.

Mattress Sizes

Mattresses run in size from Crib to California King, with Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen and King in between.

California King

The dimensions of a California King mattress run 72” wide x 84” long (note: measurements may vary slightly on all sizes). That sizes it four inches narrower and four inches longer than a King-sized mattress. This is an ideal choice for someone who is tall—the get that little bit extra leg room. With the narrower width, but still larger than a Queen, it may be an ideal choice for a smaller bedroom where a King won’t fit.


A King mattress is sized at 76” wide x 80” long and gives couples the maximum width. Even the kids and the dog can join you in this bed! Think of a King as about the size of two Twin XL mattresses, if you put them together side by side. Generally the King mattress sits atop twin box springs. This makes moving the box springs from room to room much easier. Most modern master bedrooms are sized to accommodate a King mattress, so it’s a matter of finding the right mattress for you.


A Queen mattress is one of the most popular choices, as it offers ample sleeping space yet doesn’t take up too much room in a bedroom. It is sized at 60” wide x 80” long.

Full or Double

Until the 1940s almost everyone slept in Double or Twin beds. It wasn’t until the 1950s and ‘60s that wider mattresses were introduced. Now, who can imagine living without the larger sleeping space! With the name “Double,” you might think that it is twice as wide as a Single, but it is not. Sized at 54” wide x 75” long, Full mattresses are good choices for small bedrooms, or for children moving up from smaller beds into larger ones.

Twin XL

The size of a Twin XL mattress runs about 39” wide x 80” long, which makes it about 5” longer than a standard Twin. You’ll often find Twin XL mattresses in college dorm rooms, where they add extra length without the extra width.

Twin or Single

A Twin mattress may be the step up from when children outgrow their crib. Or as a pair, they can serve easily as guest room beds. A Twin is the same length as a Full mattress, but runs 15” narrower. Its dimensions are 39” wide x 75” long. Taller adults would prefer a Twin XL or Queen-sized mattress.

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The dimensions on a Crib mattress can vary according to the crib size, but a general standard for Crib mattress dimensions at 27” wide x 52” long. These mattresses are generally firmer than adult-sized mattresses.


Another type of mattress is the Futon, which sits on a futon frame and can fold up to create a chair or sofa, and fold down to create a bed. It could be called a convertible bed. Normally, these mattresses are thin as compared to bed mattresses and contain a foam, foam/coil, or innerspring filling.

Specialty Mattresses

Mattresses don’t have to come in square or rectangular shapes. They can even come in round or heart shapes!

How to Get Rid of an Old Mattress Once You’ve Found the Right Mattress—Call 123JUNK

Now that you’ve found the right mattress for you, you have the issue of what to do with the old one! That’s where 123JUNK can help. We’ll haul away just about any mattress. And if it’s in great condition, we may even be able to donate it to one of our local charity partners.

Read our blog post on “How to Dispose of a Mattress When You Can’t Remove it Yourself.”

Mattresses are awkward to remove, and you have to have a vehicle large enough to carry it. Our professional team at 123JUNK can easily make those old mattresses disappear. We have the biggest trucks in the industry! And you’ll love our all-inclusive pricing. For mattress removal and disposal, contact 123JUNK today.

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