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Apr 27, 2012

Press Release: Junk Removal Company Donates What Others Dump

Chantilly, VA – What is the first thing you think when you read or hear the words “junk removal?”  If it’s a scrap yard or Fred Sanford, think again.

123Junk is a full-service junk removal company based in Chantilly, VA.  It is a local company with firm roots in northern Virginia; in fact, its founder attended Chantilly High School. They go into homes, offices, apartments, garages, attics—you name it. They remove unwanted items and haul them away for a flat fee, which is based on the amount of space the items occupy in their trucks.

But where does it go from there?

It doesn’t go, in typical junkyard fashion, to the trash heap.  Instead, 123Junk has developed a simple process of hauling items to: 1-Charities, 2-Recyclers, and 3-The dump, in that order.  The company has further refined the 1-2-3 process by building up its local charity and recycling networks, creating a robust and efficient system for reallocating “junk” items.

The thing that really sets 123Junk apart from its competition, though, is its commitment to reuse.  The company’s local ties mean that 123Junk is deeply embedded in the local charity network. Local ties mean that the company and its clients benefit from an unmatched level of familiarity with local charitable organizations.

Combined with a company culture that oozes commitment to a flawless client experience, 123Junk is gradually winning over the DC metro area with a vintage brand of business.  Their tactic?  Shaking hands, doing it right the first time, and never forgetting to tell clients “thank you for your business.”  Every client gets a follow-up phone call to make sure that services went well, and customers also receive donation receipts in the mail for items that are successfully donated through 123Junk’s charity network.

“It comes down to the customer experience,” says founder and CEO Collin Wheeler. “Our clients don’t pay us for hard work, or for simply disposing of their unwanted contents. They pay us for our outstanding service, and the peace of mind that their items will live on. We take responsibility for our clients’ stuff, and the amount of returning customers that we serve, to me, is proof of that.”

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123JUNK is a Minimum-Waste Junk Removal Services company serving the DMV.

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