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Nov 06, 2018

How to Shed a Shed


Do you have a shed in your backyard that is unsightly? Is it falling down? Is it leaking? Is there water damage on the walls?  If so, it might be time to shed that shed.

There are a number of reasons people keep old sheds in their yards. They may be still using them to store lawn equipment and tools, but wish they had a nicer shed in its place. They may have relegated the shed to an outside storage area, never to be entered again. Or they may just put it off as one of those “someday” projects.

That’s where 123JUNK comes to the rescue.  We love to tear down old sheds and take them away.

Let 123JUNK Help You Remove Your Shed

Our team members are trained in the proper and safe way to take down and remove an old shed, whether it is a wood shed, a metal shed, a brick shed, a cinder block shed, or any other kind. We’ll dismantle the shed, making sure to clear the area entirely of nails and debris, and haul it away completely. Usually in one afternoon.

You don’t have to risk physical harm or strain your back tearing down and removing your old shed when 123JUNK is simply a phone call away. Call us today to get a quick, all-inclusive quote.

Old Sheds Can Be Dangerous

An old shed is not only unsightly, it can be dangerous. It can leak, causing damage to your belongings inside it. This water can also lead to unhealthy mold. Your old shed can also be a safety hazard for both adults and children, especially if it is in danger of collapsing.

Shed Cleanout Service

If you’d like to keep your shed, but have been dreading cleaning it out, we can help here too. We’ll help take out everything in your shed and sweep it clean. Then you decide what goes back into the shed and what needs to go. We’ll load up everything you no longer want or need and take it away for you. We can also clean up yard waste and brush to leave you with a beautiful landscape.

We’ll donate any yard equipment or tools that can be repurposed, take recyclable materials to the recycling center, and only then drop off the remainder to the local disposal facility. Please note that, by law, we cannot haul hazardous materials, however, like chemicals, solvents or fuels.

The Many Services of 123JUNK

Shed removal is just one of the many services offered by 123JUNK in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. Please call us for junk removal, furniture & appliance removal, clean outs, yard waste & debris removal, or simply labor-only services.

Imagine how good your yard will look with a new shed in the place of your old, unsightly one. We can help make that happen. All you have to do is give 123JUNK a call today.

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