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Dec 06, 2018

Flooded Basement? Get Rid of Water-Damaged or Moldy Items.

With all the rain we’ve been having here in the Washington DC metropolitan area, a lot of people’s basements have either flooded or become damp. And that wreaks havoc with items stored there since moisture buildup creates mold.

When mold attacks boxes of papers, there is pretty much nothing you can do to save them. It’s time to toss the whole lot. Moisture can also infiltrate other boxes of stored items in your basement, including those containing holiday decorations, craft supplies and children’s toys and art projects. Furniture is also susceptible to water and mold damage.

Why is Basement Mold Unhealthy?

You do not want to continue to store items in a basement that has been subject to water damage…from rains, flooding or even leaks. The dark and dampness will encourage unhealthy mold growth that is extremely unhealthy for your family—especially for those family members who have allergies or asthma. Whether it appears as mildew (a fuzzy-looking white patch) or black mold it is bad for you and your pets. Once it grabs hold onto a surface, it releases mold spores into the air that can be easily inhaled. (Believe it or not, mold can come in a variety of colors including black, white, orange, green or purple.)

According to WebMD, symptoms of mold exposure include irritation to the eyes, skin, throat, nose and lungs. You might experience sneezing, runny nose, red eyes or a skin rash. For more serious mold allergies, more severe reactions like shortness of breath or asthma attacks may occur.

Those especially susceptible are: infants, children, the elderly, people with chronic lung disease, and those whose immune systems are compromised due to HIV infection, cancer, liver disease or chemotherapy.

Items that Angie’s List suggests tossing after mold or water damage include:

  • Items with porous surfaces like cardboard, padding, stuffed animals, upholstered furniture, mattresses and box springs.
  • Paper products, including books
  • Food items

If you have an item with sentimental value such as a wedding album, wrap it carefully and place it into the freezer until you can take it to a preservation freeze-drying contractor.

If removing moldy items by yourself, be cautious and wear gloves, eye protection and a breathing mask if possible. Be aware that containments can enter the body through an open cut as well.

Get Rid of Water-Damaged or Moldy Items in Your Basement with 123JUNK

If your belongings have irreparable water damage or slight mold and you wish to get rid of them, call the junk hauling specialists at 123JUNK. We can trek the items up the stairs and out to our big red dump trucks to haul them away for you. For severe mold problems, however, 123JUNK may need to refer you to a specialist in dealing with mold. We can discuss the details when you call.

Please contact 123JUNK today to see how we can easily help you get rid of moldy or water-damaged items in your basement.

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