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Dec 17, 2018

Take Control of Office Paper Piles

There are two types of people in this world: pilers and filers. Pilers are the type of people who need to keep everything in visual sight, so they make piles of papers. And even though it may seem disorganized, pilers usually know what is in each pile and how to find things when they need them. Filers, on the other hand, have systems to put away everything in its place, and create physical or digital filing systems for their papers. Look at their offices and the surfaces are clean. Pilers vs. filers: is one way better than the other? Each organizational method works for its personality type.

If you’re a piler, you may look at the stacks of papers in your office and wish you had a better system. Or your boss may be constantly saying, “Clean up your office.” If this is you, take hope.  Although you can’t change your style, there are ways to take control of your office paper piles while still keeping everything in sight and easy reach.

Create Cubbies

Instead of filing cabinets, invest in open shelves with cubbies where you can store office papers in categories. Create labels for each cubby that will help you to quickly identify the contents of each.

Buy Stacked Files

Purchase one or more sets of stacking file trays to keep on or near your desk. Create an inbox and outbox. Organize the files by internal and client work.

Use Color Coding

Professional organizers recommend using color to help visually organize paper piles. Choose red file folders or labels for urgent matters, purple folders for client files, yellow folders for office work, etc. Create a filing system fully coordinated by color and you will easily be able to grab the work you need in a jiffy.

Post It

Use a bulletin board or white board to keep track of important notes and documents. Purchase a set of clear project envelopes and pin them to a wall track, putting everything belonging to each client in its designated envelope.

Touch it Once

Employ the “touch it once” method of dealing with office papers. Pick up one paper or file at a time and deal with it on the spot with one of these three methods: do it now, file it or trash it. We get into trouble with out-of-control paper stacks when we put everything into a pile designed as “I’ll get to this later.”

Purge Regularly

Monthly or once a quarter, purge outdated files and office papers. Otherwise, the piles will grow to become out of hand. Set aside a regular time, such as the first day of the month to reassess and reorganize your piles.

Accept the fact that you are a piler and don’t worry about it. Simply employ organizational methods that keep your office looking tidy while offering you the organizational style that works for you.

Getting Rid of Paper Piles? Call 123JUNK

Once you’ve eliminated stacks of office paper, call 123JUNK to come pick them up. We work with office workers (and homeowners) throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. to make sure everything is recycled or disposed of properly. Keep in mind that we also remove office equipment, furniture, and electronics as part of our junk removal service.

Want to get control of your paper piles? Contact 123JUNK today to schedule your office paper pickup.

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