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Sep 11, 2018

It’s Been Proven! Clutter Causes Weight Gain!

Do you find yourself adding on a few pounds each year and don’t know why? Your house might be the cause!

Take a look around your house. Is your home overweight? Is every nook and cranny stuffed with junk? Studies have proven a connection between excessive clutter and weight gain. Here’s why:

Clutter Impedes Activity

Clutter makes it difficult to move around the house, therefore limiting the movements you can make. It is also depressing to look at, which causes you avoid looking at it. So clutter builds up. And the more it builds up, the less likely you are to have the energy to deal with it. It creates a feeling of lethargy. So you might say, “I hate that the house looks so messy all the time,” and head to the refrigerator to make yourself feel better.

Clutter Makes it Difficult to Make Meals

If the kitchen counters are filled with clutter, you won’t feel like making a proper meal. Instead, you’ll grab for that fast food, pizza or bag of chips to satisfy your hunger. And those empty calories can add pounds to your figure quickly.

Having a junk-filled kitchen also make it difficult to find the tools you need to cook. It’s much easier to open the freezer and pull out a ready-to-eat frozen entrée filled with salt and fat.

Clutter Causes Embarrassment

When you’re embarrassed about how your house looks, you’re not likely to invite guests to visit and your self-worth plummets. Instead, you’ll likely sit in front of the TV for entertainment and nibble on junk food even if you’re not hungry. Using food to make yourself feel better is known as emotional eating.

Clutter is Stressful

A chaotic environment is a stressful environment. According to Peter Walsh, author of “Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight: The Six-Week Total-Life Slim Down,” “Stress alters the way fat is deposited because of specific hormones and other chemicals your body produces when you’re stress.” One chemical is betatrophin—a protein that block the enzyme responsible for breaking down body fat. His book cites a 2008 study that claims people living in cluttered environments were 77% more likely to be overweight or obese.

Overconsumption isn’t just about overeating. It’s also about over-collecting. Think about it, do you really need—or use—all of those items tucked into drawers, closets, attics and garages? When is the last time you actually used everything in your home?

The fear of going without can create the urge to stockpile items we may need “someday.” But most likely that “someday” will never come. And in the meanwhile, you’re stuck with all that stuff and its potential to cause weight gain.

123JUNK Can Help You Lose Excess Weight

One thing 123JUNK can do is remove all those extra pounds of excess stuff that’s lying around your house. That will free you up to feel better and possibly lose weight yourself!

Lose the clutter to avoid its effects on weight gain. Our 123JUNK junk hauling experts know just how to take the stress out of hauling away those unwanted and unused items that are cluttering up your house. And we’ll make it easy…all you have to do is make one pile and point us to it. We’ll load it up and take it away for you.

Don’t gain weight just because you have too much clutter. Call 123JUNK to schedule your junk hauling appointment today.

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