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Jul 23, 2018

Why We Believe It’s Important to be Humble

We’re in the junk removal business. Let’s face it; it’s not one of the more glamorous careers, and it certainly won’t garner us any oohs and aahs at a cocktail party. The very nature of our job can cause us to be humble.

But humble goes a lot farther in our book. It is one of the 40 Core Values in 123JUNK’s Culture of Excellence that every employee must embrace and adhere to.

As junkmen, we have no grandiose ideas about hauling junk. We do, however, put great stock in how we treat our customers. We are often humbled by the praise we receive for our attitude, our respectful staff, and our attention to detail.

We are humbled by the circumstances that some people have which require our respect and sometimes discretion. We often help families clear out a home in which a love one has died or a couple is going through a divorce.

We feel humble when we deliver a load of furniture to one of our charity partners and see how the donation helps fund their programs to build homes or provide household goods for immigrant families. We take the time to speak to our charity partners to learn their missions, and feature them on our blog and website. We want everyone in the company to see first-hand how our work affects others.

What Does Being Humble Mean?

Mirriam-Webster may define the word humble as meaning low or meek, but to 123JUNK, it means anything but. We don’t view our service as being lower than others. If you could see the type of relief on the faces of the people we serve as a response to our visit, you would see just how important our services are. It is a great relief for them to be able to call one resource to unload what could be a lifetime of accumulation. They don’t have to sort through their possessions to divide them into donations, recyclables, or trash. We do that for them. At the end of each pickup, we sort through each piece to determine if we can donate it to our charity partners, deliver it to the recycling center, or leave it at the landfill. It’s our 3-step disposal process.

The dictionary also defines the word humble as meaning not proud or arrogant. As proud as we are of our work ethic, we are humble in the recognition that it is a dirty and sometimes dangerous job. So we take every safety precaution for both our workers and our clients. We even provide complete uniforms for our workers, right down to their safety shoes.

We’re proud to be humble, and accept it as one of our Core Values.

Do You Need Junk Hauling Services?

If you’d like to see humble in action, call our office at 800-364-5778 to schedule a junk pickup in Northern Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, D.C. You’ll speak with a live person who will discover your needs, give you a flat rate price, and help you choose the ideal time for our truck to arrive. Contact 123JUNK today.

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