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Mar 02, 2018

The Impact of Uniforms


At 123JUNK, we believe it is important to outfit all of our workers with branded clothing, and we go the full mile to ensure that everyone who works here gets full head-to-toe gear. We offer a variety of clothing options, including short-sleeved and long-sleeved polo shirts, pants, jackets, baseball caps, beanies for winter, and even boots to our employees.

Not every piece of our branded wear looks the same, however. There are different colors and styles available to allow our workers to still showcase their own personal styles while supporting the 123JUNK brand.

Why is outfitting our employees in uniform gear important?

Consistent Brand

Having a professionally-uniformed staff reinforces the 123JUNK brand through its colors, its logos and its commitment to company-set standards. The brand begins inside our company, and then translates our quality outside to our community partners, our charitable organizations, and of course, our clients, and everyone who sees our brand throughout the day.

Equal Playing Field

Since everyone at 123JUNK is dressed similarly, it blurs the lines between management and staff. Uniforms create an equality among workers and foster camaraderie and solidarity. It is not unusual for anyone who works at 123JUNK to jump in to help others at a moment’s notice. You might even find Collin working a truck alongside the latest hire.


Our workers are proud to wear the 123JUNK brand because it creates a team spirit, a sense of belonging among everyone. It really feels like a family when you look around the room during a staff meeting and notice how everyone takes pride in wearing the brand.


With our work, we are invited into people’s homes and businesses, sometimes into the most intimate rooms of a client’s home. When our workers show up looking uniform, it helps to reinforce the fact that we are an established, quality company that can be trusted, and offers security to our clients. They can feel safe opening up their homes and lives to us.


We did a post previously on how it was important to us to present shiny clean trucks. It’s the same with our uniformed staff. It all goes back to our commitment to professionalism. We want to be the best junk hauling company, bar none. And, of course, we want to make a good impression.

Employee Benefit

Providing uniforms is a great employee benefit that saves money for our workers and wear and tear on their own clothing. They don’t have to worry about staining or damaging their own clothes, so they feel freer to “dig in” to a job.

We not only see the benefits of wearing branded uniforms within our company, we are sure these benefits reflect as well to the public. We are professionals within the junk hauling business, and it shows.

MD, VA, DC Junk Hauling

123JUNK is pleased to serve the homeowners and business owners in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. You might see our big red trucks or our uniformed workers throughout this region. If you need junk hauling, want to have large items like appliances, office equipment or mattresses removed, or have debris or yard waste that needs to go, contact 123JUNK today to set your pickup appointment.

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