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Oct 17, 2011

Finding Value in Junk

Junk Removal is becoming a bigger and more competitive business every day. The bigger and more competitive it becomes, the more significant numbers become in the success of a junk removal company.

There are three numbers that are most significant: price, volume, and disposal percentages.


Price is the easiest of the three to identify. Sometimes a company will display its rates right on the website. Other times it only takes a phone call and a brief conversation to get a breakdown of a company’s rates. In both cases, price is just the starting point. If you’re really interested in getting the most bang for your buck, you’ll dig a little bit deeper.


This one is a little bit murkier than the price, simply because customers don’t tend to take a tape measure to the side of the truck to verify any claims about volume. It’s a much more important factor than price, though, because a customer can’t make a fair assessment of the price without first knowing the space available inside the trucks.


Disposal is the hardest of these three numbers to track. It’s also the easiest way for a company to bend the truth, or even lie outright, to gain your business. If you aren’t there seeing the day-to-day operations of the company, you simply don’t know where the stuff is going.

It’s just too hard to keep up with these numbers without spending a lot of resources on tracking, or doubling your time spent crossing the scales at recycling and disposal facilities. The best most companies can do is track the volume. That isn’t an exact process.


These factors, collectively, establish a company’s value in our industry. As a potential client, you have to weigh each factor according to what’s most important to you. Sometimes price is simply the bottom line, regardless of how or where a company disposes of its waste. 123Junk typically doesn’t garner that business.

We choose to focus on responsible disposal along with an intangible, but very important aspect of what we do: service. Our clients sleep easy at night because they know they paid the fairest price for a service that will responsibly donate, recycle, and dispose of their extra or unwanted items.

Combined with our proprietary 3-step disposal process, 123Junk provides the best combination of price (vs. volume) and service. You simply won’t find a better value in junk removal, and you’d probably be pleasantly surprised at the friendliness, helpfulness, and competence of our teams. They routinely walk customers through our disposal process and answer questions clearly. Want to know the likelihood of your items being donated? Ask our specialists right on site during your appointment!

Our employees are industry experts, and our excellent record of repeat and referral business has shown time and again that if you try us, you’ll like us! Never hesitate to call the office at (703) 400-7645.

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