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Nov 20, 2017

The 123JUNK Hiring Process

It’s hard to get a job at 123JUNK.

We don’t allow just anybody to work for us. In fact, we put all candidates through a series of interviews before we hire—no matter what job they’re applying for.

After our phone interview, a minimum of two managers do the initial interviews. If the candidate passes those interviews, they are then put onto our trucks to work three paid shifts side by side with our employees. It is kind of a working interview to see how they do in the job, and how they mesh with our other workers, our corporate culture and our values. Each candidate must get the green light from everyone with whom they come into contact before moving to the next stage of the interview process.

Sometimes candidates don’t feel they are a fit, and sometimes we don’t see them fitting in. In that case we part ways early. But we all find that this process works well for building a strong team.

Growing with 123JUNK

Once approved by all, new employees go through intensive training in the office for a week, then are put onto the trucks to start their career. Almost all of our employees start from the trucks and move up through the ranks to higher positions. Most of our current managers and sales staff started on the trucks. This enables them to learn all sides of our business, from the basic junk hauling to customer contact, to our sorting and recycling processes while on the job.

Our whole challenge is to find employees who are willing to stay with us and grow with us for the long term, and those who are both willing to go through this process and also make it through the interviews are those who have a stronger desire to actually have the job.

We treat our employees well, and even offer solid career paths within our company, so we have a fantastic track record of long-term satisfaction. We’re proud that we defy the industry standards of high turnover. And their satisfaction shows in our work with our clients.

This commitment to quality shines through our entire culture. We’ll even turn down jobs if we get too busy rather than dilute the level of customer service we are known for (fortunately, an issue that we don’t have to deal with often).

At the heart of 123JUNK are our people. They are the face, the brawn, the brains, and the “because” behind why we are growing so quickly throughout the Washington DC area. We always said “We are more than just a junk hauling company,” and now you know why.

Interested in Working for 123JUNK?

We are always looking for good candidates. Please contact us and let us know you’re interested in working with 123JUNK.

For Expert Junk Hauling, Call 123JUNK

If you have a junk hauling job, and want to work with the nicest and most professional people, please give 123JUNK a call. You’ll get to speak with one of our cheerful employees who will answer the phone enthusiastically.

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