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Jun 02, 2017

Weddings Mean Combining Households

You can scarcely move about town on a Saturday in June without encountering a wedding. Yes, it’s wedding season, and you know what that means – at least for us in the junk hauling business – more work!

When couples marry they must face the challenge of combining households. That means determining whose couch stays and which goes, whether one person’s microwave is newer or better, and downsizing one’s personal goods in order to share space in a new home.

Because wedding time is already filled with anxiety, we make moving in together less stressful by providing a number of services for brides and grooms.

We help you clean out your old home

If you are moving out of your existing home you are going to want to cull through your household goods and determine what you really want or need in your new life. Rather than spending time sorting through items, simply pile them all into one stack and let us do the work of hauling it off.

We help you ready your new home

If someone is moving into your home, you are most likely having to clear out space. Take this time to remove unused furniture, clothing, dishes, and any clutter to start your marriage with a fresh, clean environment.

We’ll clean out the yard

Having a backyard wedding? Call 123JUNK to come help ready your yard for the big day. We can haul away yard debris as you groom the trees and bushes, old swingsets, or rusted lawn furniture.

We move big things

When the big day is done and you are finally moved in together, don’t ask your husband to move the big, heavy furniture around. Call 123JUNK. With our labor-only service, we can relocate large items within your property or help clear a room to prepare for painting, for example.

With our three-pronged approach to protecting our environment 123JUNK will 1) Donate any repurposable items like furniture, working electronics and household goods to our charity partners and provide you with the receipt. 2) Recycle outdated electronics, appliances or recyclable items, and 3) Haul to the dump anything else. Just point that newly-ringed hand toward the pile and we’ll take care of the rest.

All the best wishes to the June brides and grooms here in the Northern Virginia-DC-Maryland metropolitan area from 123JUNK. Call us!

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