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Aug 03, 2017

A Shiny Truck = A Shiny Future for 123JUNK

When you see a big red 123JUNK Truck, either driving down the road or parked at a job site, take a moment to notice just how clean it is. You may not think of a truck in the junk business as being clean, however, we don’t think like everyone else. To us, a clean truck is EXACTLY what we stand for.

We’re adamant about keeping our trucks clean because our business goes beyond just what’s on the outside. Having a respectable truck has a trickle-down effect in every other area of our business. It is representative of us being a white-collar junk removal business in a blue-collar industry.

We found that if the truck has trash in the cab, like candy or food wrappers, the people who work in it are less likely to have respect for it. And this attitude can carry over into other areas of the business, from the inventory we need on the job, to sloppy uniforms, to the level of respect we have for a client’s home or business.

We don’t want that attitude among our employees, so every weeknight, we clear out and vacuum the cabs and fill our trucks with fuel. And once a week, wash each truck all over. It’s a matter of crossing the “t’s” and dotting the “i’s,” and is just one of the things that sets 123JUNK apart.

The truck sends a representative message that is greater than a clean truck. We believe that if the truck isn’t clean, it is representative of a business model that is in disarray. That attention to detail speaks volumes about how we do business and how we’ll succeed long into the future.

It all starts with the truck!

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