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Oct 23, 2016

Mistakes Are The Key To Our Success!

Since we started in 2008, one of the questions that seems to be asked on a weekly basis is, “What makes you guys different?”  I then proceed to deliver a well-rehearsed speech that lists the differentiators which I believe give us a competitive advantage. It wasn’t until recently, however, that I remembered what is perhaps the single most important factor in our success. What is it?

WE MAKE TONS OF MISTAKES!!!! We are a mistake making machine. We covet the opportunities that mistakes provide for us. Why would I admit that and why would I commit it to text to be published on our website’s blog?

Here’s why. The consequences of making a mistake are often harsh and difficult. They create a mental scar that isn’t easily forgotten. Sometimes, they provide lessons that become entrenched in your subconsious in such a way that you won’t repeat it in the future, even if you’re not fully aware of the reason why. But usually, the lessons learned from a mistake provide a “why” behind the rules and processes that govern your business.

In my opinion, the strongest businesses are the ones that have had the experience of doing things wrong first. When we started, we were stubborn. There were companies that existed in our space that had a track record of success. Rather than emulate them, we put our blinders on. We tried to do everything our own way. We failed a lot and we grew slower as a result. But hard lesssons are the ones that shape a business. I genuinely belive that we would not be as bull-headed about our values and processes today if not for the path we chose. 

I’ll leave you with a quote a heard at a business conference:

How do you realize success? 

Make good decisons.

How do you make good decisions?

Through experience.

How do you gain experience?

From bad decisions.

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