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Mar 11, 2016

What did the snow leave behind?

We weathered some significant snows this winter, and now that it’s finally melted away, we’re starting to notice what it’s left behind—and it’s not pretty.

The storms themselves wreaked havoc on trees and landscaping around northern Virginia and Maryland, with broken branches and bushes crushed by the heavy weight. And the snow removal companies plowed up more than snow in some neighborhoods, leaving behind damaged landscaping and piles of road debris and trash. Even lawn furniture and outdoor structures were damaged from the sheer weight of 30 inches of snow.

Don’t Dread the Yard Cleanup, Call 123JUNK!

If you’re dreading cleaning up the snow damage, don’t. That’s what 123JUNK is for. We’ll come to your home or business and clear away the debris for you.

No Job is Too Large or Too Small

If you have just a couple of broken limbs or a picnic table that’s been damaged, we’ll take that. Or if an entire shed needs to be removed, along with a pile of twigs and branches, we’ll take that too. Our large red trucks and experienced staff can handle any size job.

Think about organizing a community clean-up. Gather several households and we’ll clean up all your yards or business location at the same time to beautify your property and rectify any damage the storms left behind.

While We’re There…

Keep in mind that while we’re working on the yard, we can also haul junk away from inside your house. We’re full service! While we’re there, take the opportunity to get rid of old furniture or appliances, outdated electronic equipment or clutter. We’ll Donate, Recycle, or Dispose of items accordingly.

Hopefully, winter’s wrath has passed, and we’re well on the way to Spring. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your yard in shape, call 123JUNK today.

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