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Dec 20, 2014

Why you’ll never hear “please hold… your call is very important to us” from 123JUNK

“Would you please hold?” Its a phrase you hear often if you ever have to get in touch with someone handling one of your services. That can also be the start of a very painfully long process of waiting, giving out information, waiting some more, and finally either having your request handled or in many cases, being directed to someone else and restarting the process all over again. It’s annoying! Heck, it’s infuriating! But underneath it all, it’s actually sending a bigger underlying message that few companies care to address. 

“We don’t respect your time”. That’s the statement many companies give off by putting customers through an automated call system. Because no matter how efficient that system might be, there is no substitute for speaking with a real person. Someone that can answer your questions right there on the spot, talk you through any difficulties you might be having, or just to be a big help during a trying time.

The need for junk removal often comes up during some of those trying times when patience has been pushed to the limit and there is just no room for mistakes. It might be during a move, downsizing, or worst of all a death in the family. If the right person is on the other side of the call, they can make the experience that much better for you. For us, that’s a good enough reason to “keep it live.” We want to hear from you. We want your experience to be a good one. Most of all, we want you to know something — we do respect your time and we won’t put you on hold!

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