123JUNK Policy changes in response to Covid-19

During these unprecedented times, we take our role as an essential service provider seriously and we remain open to service our customers. We understand that everyone is very concerned with the potential spread of the Coronavirus. We’re following the guidelines put in place by the federal government, local governments and the CDC.

Below are some of the safety precautions we’ve implemented to protect our team and our clients:

  • We’re offering discounts for our customers who are able to stage their items outside of their property for pickup
  • We’re vetting our customers before scheduling appointments and while en-route to make sure they’re not showing signs and symptoms of illness
  • If the customer has access to masks or face covers, we ask that they wear them (if masks are unavailable, please maintain a safe distance of 6 feet at all times)
  • We are sending home any staff member exhibiting any symptoms of illness for the recommended period of time established by the CDC
  • All team members have been assigned masks and gloves
  • We are not assigning more than two team members to a truck
  • Our trucks and equipment are being disinfected daily
  • We’ve shut down our office from outside visitors and anybody who can work virtually is being encouraged to work from home
  • The company continues to hold regular team-wide virtual meetings to emphasize transparency and keep the lines of communication open
  • The decision to come to work remains 100% voluntary

man kneeling in front of company moving truck

How I Became a Junk Man (Part 3)

Ugly Start

In the early months, let’s just say, the phone wasn’t ringing off the hook. We needed business and we were willing to take just about anything that came our way. We got a call from a lady who had a shed in her back yard. The shed was made of solid wood. She wanted it removed, as well as a riding lawn mower, some lawn equipment and several dozen blocks of large concrete that sat inside. I gave her the price -$350- and I clenched as I watched her reaction. Surprisingly, she accepted the price without hesitation. I thought to myself, “Collin, you smooth son of a gun. You just got away with murder!”

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