Who You Gonna Call? Leafbusters!

OK, so we stole the line from Ghostbusters, but after a few days of raking leaves in our own yards, we thought it was appropriate to mention that 123JUNK can also help rid you of the task of clearing out unsightly yard waste.

Now is the time to gather up brush piles, fallen limbs and piles of leaves—before winter dumps its snowy wrath. This is not only healthier for your yard and grass, it eliminates the hard work when spring arrives.

Debris and Yard Waste Removal Services

You may have just thought of 123JUNK as a junk hauling company, but oh, we do so much more. With our Debris and Yard Waste Removal service we’ll send over a crew to help trim trees and hedges, remove unwanted shrubbery and limbs, rebuild fences, and remove old structures like sheds, swingsets and scrap wood. Well remove pretty much anything that has accumulated on your property and is no longer wanted or needed.

No job is too large or too small. We have the experienced crew and the large trucks that can handle it.

Labor Only Services

Keep in mind that we also offer Labor Only services for tasks when you need just a little extra help. You might want to clear out the garage or shed so you can fit your lawnmower inside for the winter. Or you may need assistance loading a container or relocating items from one floor to another inside your home.

Our crew is available to provide that additional muscle when you need it.

Junk and Debris Hauling Services for the Metro D.C. Area

123JUNK works with homeowners and business owners for residential and commercial jobs. So if you are located in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C., who you gonna call?

Call 123JUNK.

123JUNK Is Different Because of its Core Values

The one overriding theme at 123JUNK is our commitment to our Core Values. We’ve often talked about the values themselves throughout our blog, and we refer to our commitment to the community and the environment in our mission statement.

Before we even started 123JUNK, we knew what we wanted to represent, and divided our Core Values into three categories: Culture of Excellence, Environmental Stewardship, and Deep Community Ties.

The 40 ways we support our Core Values listed under these three categories set the standards for how we do business. They are prominently posted in our conference room for all to see, and each new hire is asked to review the list and commit to upholding the values throughout their employment with 123JUNK. If they cannot, they are not hired.

123JUNK’s Half-Day Core Values Training

We take our Core Values so seriously that we periodically provide a half-day training session focusing on them alone. We find that it refocuses our energy on the “Why” of what we do here at 123JUNK. Pulling from some of the values, our “whys” include: building friendships both inside and outside our business, lessening the environmental impact in whatever way we can, and bettering the lives of those in our community through our charitable efforts.

When employees understand the “why” of why they are at work every day, somehow the job becomes more important. There is a reason behind their efforts, no matter how large or small, that provides energy and motivation to do the best at all times. And that translates into better service for our customers and closer relationships with our charity partners.

We definitely see an uptick in attitude following one of our half-day trainings. People seem to have a spring in their step and a willingness to pull together even closer as members of the overall team to reach our goals. Even the smallest tasks, like committing to a paperless workspace, take on importance, with everyone pitching in to help each other.

Every Company Should Have Core Values

According to Wendy Pat Fong of 7Geese, a performance management company, “Core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect what the company values. They are the essence of a company’s identity—the principles, beliefs or philosophy of values.”

Robert Haas, Chairman and CEO of Levi Strauss & Company reflects this philosophy. “A company’s values – what it stands for, what its people believe in – are crucial to its competitive success. Indeed, values drive the business.”

Our customers, our charity partners, our vendors and our employees all recognize that there is something different about 123JUNK. We believe it’s the fact that we put so much focus on why and how we do business. Our Core Values set the tone for everything we do and every interaction we have.

Contact 123JUNK

When you need services like junk hauling, have items to donate, or just need some help cleaning up inside or in the yard, call 123JUNK. You’ll reach someone in person who can explain our process and set you up for an appointment. Then you can experience for yourself the exceptional service we’ve become known for. Contact us today.