garage that is full of boxes and clutter

What’s In YOUR Garage?

Your poor car. There it is, sitting in the driveway facing your garage door. It’s cold, it’s rainy, and there’s a chance of snow. But for your car, there is no home inside…

Because your garage is too filled with junk!

Many people use their garages as storage areas, and over the years, more and more stuff accumulates there. There’s the lawn chair that just needs a new strap, the old lawnmower that can still be usable if it gets fixed, the bedroom dresser that just didn’t fit with the twin beds, or the boxes of construction materials or old car parts. Piles of sports equipment, boxes of holiday decorations, outdated electronics, and broken bicycles have commandeered your space.

Ask yourself, “Am I really going to use this junk?” Or fix it? The answer is “Probably not.” Likely it will just sit there, taking up valuable space while your car shivers in the driveway.

123JUNK to the Rescue

Face it; you’re never going to get around to fixing the items you’ve so lovingly stored in your garage. That’s why you need to contact 123JUNK!

We’ll haul away unwanted items and we’ll even sweep out your garage afterwards, preparing it for its new (and intended) life as a vehicle shelter.

Even better, after 123JUNK hauls away your stuff, we’ll run it through our three-step process of Donate – Recycle – Dispose. We’ll donate any usable items to our local charities, recycle metals, electronics and other reusable materials, and only then, we’ll dispose of whatever cannot be salvaged. No other junk removal company in our service region of Northern Virginia, DC or Maryland does this.

Look out your window. If your car is sitting in the driveway because your garage is too full, it’s time to call 123JUNK. We’ll answer the phone personally, give you an all-inclusive quote so there are no surprises, and schedule your pickup.

You — and your car — will be glad you called.

Organized closet

An Organized Closet Leads to a Healthy Life

We’ve had an untimely spring here on the East Coast that has caused many people to dig deep in their winter closets for their summer clothing. Although we’re enjoying the warm weather, we may not be enjoying the unkempt closet.

Maybe it’s time to reorganize your closet!

Organizing your closet can have many benefits. First, you will be able to find what you need in an instant—no more digging. In addition, there are a number of mental and physical health benefits as well. Here are some of those benefits you may not have considered:

Clean Closet = Clean Mind

Living with clutter inhibits our creativity and our productivity. It can distract us from the things we need to focus on, or cause procrastination. According to professional organizer Regina Leeds, author of One Year to an Organized Life, “Clutter creates a ‘brain dance,’ and agitation and inability to think amidst the stuff. Clutter makes noise, keeping us upset and churned.” If you feel frenzied, try organizing your environment.

Lessen Emotional and Physical Stress

Messy spaces can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. Citing a Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin study, women were more likely to feel fatigued and depressed when they described their living spaces as “cluttered” or “full” than women who described their spaces as “restorative” and “restful.” They also indicated higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

You’ll Feel Better About Yourself

Don’t you feel your best when you look your best? When you clean out your closet, keep only the outfits that make you feel good and donate the rest. You’ll have fewer clothes to choose from, but you’ll find joy in every combination.

You’ll Save Time and Energy

Having fewer outfits to choose from allows you to make speedier selections and get dressed much more quickly in the morning’s rush. You know everything fits, is in good condition, and is still in style.

You’ll Reduce Allergens

Piles of clutter in a closed-off environment create a breeding ground for allergens, as well as dust, mold or mildew. Let your closet breathe by creating space.

123JUNK can help with removal and donations

Once you’ve winnowed out those items you no longer use or need, simply pile and dial. There is no need to divide your items; one big pile will do. Then dial us to schedule your pickup. Our professional, uniformed crew will take away your items and sort through them for you, donating reusable pieces to our charity partners and sending you a receipt for your taxes. That way someone else will be glad to find the clothing items you no longer need.

For expert junk removal in Northern Virginia, Maryland or DC, call 123JUNK.

What Happens to Recycled Metals?

Once 123JUNK hauls away items from our clients’ homes and offices, we sort through and remove any metals that can be recycled, and deliver them to our local recycling center. But what happens to those metals after that?

A majority of the materials recycled are scrap metals, and once they are delivered to the recycling center, the metals must be separated. Using large, heavy-duty magnets, the center can divide metals from each other. Then, the particular metals are sent to different processors.

Steel and iron, which are called “prime scrap,” can be melted down at a foundry or mill, and that new product is sold to another foundry or mill to create new steel, generally in the form of pipes, sheets, or beams.

Other metals are shredded into tiny pieces and shipped to a foundry or mill where it is melted in a furnace at high temperatures. It can then be molded into new uses, such as cans.

Recycling Metals Saves Energy and the Environment

When you recycle metal, you are not only helping to save our environment by keeping these metals out of area landfills, you are also supporting the businesses involved in the scrap metal industry, as well as 123JUNK.

What you may not know is that metal is a natural, non-renewing material. Recycling it helps curb destructive mining practices and aids in reducing the energy consumption connected with processing the raw material. Plus, if we don’t keep recycling it, we could end up depleting our supply!

123JUNK Sorts Metals For You

When you call 123JUNK to make a pickup in Northern Virginia, DC or Maryland, you don’t have to sort anything—just point to what you want removed and we’ll do the rest, separating items for reuse or recycling. It’s part of our three-pronged Donate – Recycle – Dispose disposal process.

Got junk? Call 123JUNK today.