Why it’s better to be a referral business

Recently, as I was preparing for a company holiday speech and reflecting on the year, a great sense of pride came over me. In 2015, we completed over 3,500 jobs, ranging from single item removals to entire home or office clean-outs. The number itself was enough to make me smile, but what I was most proud of was how those jobs came about.

You see, we’re a referral business. I know that’s a cliche statement and I’d assume most businesses are kept alive partially because of referrals. But I belive we’re different. We’ve deliberately chosen to be a referral business, in some cases ALMOST to our own demise. Our stubborn commitment to this corporate value is nearly unmatched and here’s why. 

When you build your strategy (and budget) around growing at the mercy of referrals from others, if forces an unwavering commitment to customer service. Referral business serves as a constant report card on how your doing: if you provide good service, you get referred more often, if you provide poor service you get referred less. The formula couldn’t be simpler. In a sense, you get what you deserve!

So for us, the question is always, how much more did we get referred this year than last year. The net gain is the clearest evidence of how we’re doing. When your leads arent purchased, you simply have a better finger on the pulse of how you’re doing. No gimmicks – just the hard truth.

We’ve been blessed this year more than words can express. We are forever grateful for those people who are responsible for our success! Happy Holidays!



Throwing away your electronics is dangerous and may be illegal

As junk removal specialists, 123JUNK has seen a flood in outdated electronic items coming from homes and offices. Some of these items include:

  • Tube and flat screen TVs
  • Landline telephones and dumbphones
  • Turntables
  • Stereo systems
  • Answering machines
  • Copy machines
  • Electric typewriters
  • CD players
  • Cameras
  • Computers and Monitors
  • Appliances
  • even Arcade games

Throwing Out Outdated Electronics Can be Illegal

Sure, it’s easy to throw these electronic items, or e-waste, in the trash, but did you know that tossing them might be illegal? It is in 25 states. In fact, Virginia, Maryland, and all the Northeastern states have passed producer responsibility laws, an e-waste recycling legislation.

123JUNK e-Cycles

Shockingly, CRT monitors and big screen TVs can contain several pounds of lead. Flat screen televisions use mercury lamps. Over 40% of the heavy metals found in landfills come from discarded electronic equipment, toxins that can cause severe health hazards including brain and kidney damage.

123JUNK makes it our mission to recycle your old electronics by taking them to the proper e-recycling centers as part of our “Donate – Recycle – Dispose” philosophy of creating a greener environment. Here, items are disassembled for usable parts and metals, and toxic chemicals and removed and disposed of safely.

Gather up your old electronic items and call us to schedule a pickup. You and the environment will be glad you did. Contact 123JUNK today.

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We’ve expanded our fleet

We’re so excited! We have new additions to the family! Not only are we rapidly growing our staff, but we’ve also expanded our fleet. This in the midst of what is considered the “slow season” in the junk removal business.

123JUNK is growing fast, and to keep up with demand, we need more and more trucks. So we’ve invested in acquiring some of the largest trucks in the junk removal industry.


What this means for you is even better service:

  • With the bigger trucks (560 cubic feet) we can get the job done in fewer trips, which translates to less time on site and more free time for our clients.
  • With more trucks on the road, we can service more neighbors throughout northern Virginia and Maryland.
  • We’re more available when you need us. 

The perfect time to call 123JUNK is when you need items removed from your home or commercial property. Our pickup can be as little as one item, or as big as an entire houseful.

Did You Know We Name Our Trucks?

We think of our trucks as members of the family, therefore we give them names and refer to them by their names. Our current names are “recycled” from presidential names….you may have the SS John Quincy Adams at your house… or perhaps the SS Andrew Jackson. Ask our junk removal specialist just “who” is hauling away your junk.

For presidential service in junk removal, contact 123JUNK at 703-400-7645 or through our website.