An Outsider’s Perspective on 123JUNK by Carolyn Dobson

People do not think that there is a science to junk removal. But Collin Wheeler, president of 123JUNK, has proven time and time again that junk removal is more than just disposal.

123JUNK was started after Collin saw a need for junk removal services while still working in the moving industry. He noticed a trend that people didn’t know what to do with unwanted items or how to get bulky furniture out of their home easily. The company was created to fill that void in the market.

Collin wanted his company to be more than junk removal and disposal. Their mission is to be the leading company in junk removal services that donates, recycles and follows responsible disposal practices. 123JUNK’s 3 Step Green Initiative is donate first, recycle second and if no other options exist, disposal. They have connected and formed partnerships with several local nonprofits throughout the DC Metro region such as Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics and the Salvation Army. After taking those items that can be donated to a nonprofit facility on your behalf, Collin’s company will then provide you with the receipt of donation for tax purposes.

Besides normal junk removal, 123JUNK offers a wide variety of services to help their clients clean up and clean out. They can remove, move, recycle or donate your furniture, remove and dispose of your appliances in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines, remove yard debris such as tree limbs, bushes and jungle gyms, clean up yard trash, whole home or office cleanout, foreclosure clean out and if you just need some muscle, the team at 123JUNK can come and help.

Junk Removal has become an eco-friendly, community helping business. 123JUNK believes they have a responsibility to leave homes and offices they visit, their community and their environment better than they found it as part of their core business ideology. Collin has created a movement within the junk removal industry that it is more than just taking unwanted items. By adding the commitment to reuse, recycle and only dispose of as a last resource, he has separated himself, his team and 123JUNK as a responsible business in this community.

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123JUNK – What does it stand for?

When we started in 2008, we had relatively few competitors. Now it’s a very crowded market. Yet, dispite a ten-fold increase in competition, we’ve managed to nearly double in size each successive year. Meanwhile, most of our industry colleagues have not enjoyed this same success. What’s the secret sauce? Among many other things, much our success has to do with our name and the process it represents.
So what exactly does the “1-2-3″ stand for? 
1.      Donate
2.      Recycle 
3.      Dispose
We remove sofas, recliners, love seats, ottomans, end tables, TV’s, desks, chairs, filing cabinets, bookcases, kitchen furniture, beds, mattresses, dressers, couches and more. Even though people want to pay to have these items taken away, they don’t want to see it in the landfill. We recognize this.
Once your items have been picked up by our team, that’s when our work really begins. We have a thorough process for thinning out the load on the back end by determining the items’ value and deciding what goes to our charity partners, our recycling partners and the dump, in that order.
Want to learn more? Click here to watch a video about more of who we are and what we stand for. Or Contact us at 800-364-5778. We’ll help you reclaim your space and keep your junk from becoming trash.

We are Here to Help: Watch Our Video

Meet our Founder, Collin Wheeler, here. Watch this short video to understand all you need to know about how we can support you.

Collin Wheeler was working in the moving industry when he saw that people didn’t want to pay a moving company to move the things that they no longer needed. So that’s how the idea for 123JUNK formed. 123JUNK is an award winning, eco-friendly junk removal company serving the Greater Washington DC metro area. 123JUNK carefully and safely removes items wherever they are located within your property. The only finger you have to lift is your pointer finger to direct us to your Junk.

123JUNK removes any item typically found inside or outside where you live. Whether you live in a condo or on 100 acres, we can remove it. We can also haul away debris from a remodeling job or wood and brush from around the property.

Video: “https:/www.youtube.com/embed/DDgXGMM43Xg

Says Collin, “I think the reason people tend to collect furniture and the reason that businesses like ours exist is because they have the best of intentions, they assume that at some point in the future they will have a need for it or maybe a family member will have a need. So they bury it somewhere in the back of their attic or basement, with the intention of one day finding the perfect time that the need for that furniture will arise. Often times it doesn’t. Usually by the time someone calls a service like ours, they’ve reached the tipping point where they can no longer live with the stuff because it is crowding their life.”

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