Junk Removal | Keeping our trucks clean means more than keeping our trucks clean

We are obsessive about our trucks. We pay a cleaning service to detail them every week. We pay out bonuses to those staff members who have the least amount of clutter inside the cab of their assigned truck. We spend a lot of energy focused on how our trucks look. Many would argue that there is no financial gain for this [borderline obsessive] behavior.

We disagree. We believe a dirty truck sets a precedent for the overall quality of a company. If it’s okay for the truck to be a little messy, then it might be okay to show up to work out of uniform. If it’s okay to show up out of uniform, then it might be okay to show up a few minutes late. Since we’re already late, it’s probably not a big deal if we skip the call ahead when were en-route to the clients home. This opens itself to more and more if, then scenarios… and on and on the cycle goes.

Obviously, this might be a little exaggerated, but we’re not willing to test whether our theory is wrong. If you focus relentlessly on the little things – and frankly keeping the trucks tidy probably qualifies as a little thing – then the standard for everything remains very high!

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all hands meeting

All-Hands Training Meetings: Why We Have Them

Surprises are great during special occasions. They are not so great when we are in need of some assistance and have chosen a service company to help us with a task. The key to making sure everything goes to plan is communication. All hands trainings at 123JUNK are meetings where crew members and office staff alike converge to discuss the different methods used to service our clients. We cover every step of the way, from the initial phone call, to our visit, to the post-visit follow up. Everyone from our company is there and everyone pitches in ideas. And because each team member has a different role at 123JUNK, they also have a unique view point.

After everyone shares, we come to an agreement and adopt the new method as 123JUNK law. We may come back and visit it at some point but for the time being everyone is on the same page. So when we walk in and lay down home protection for a job, you can know that there is a reason behind how we do it, how often we do it, and why we do it. There is a method to the madness and all hands meetings are the best way for everyone to come together and make a solid commitment to do things right, every time.

Nothing is more important in the service industry than consistency. We can expect excellence from a service business or we can expect mediocrity. But more than anything, we just want to receive what we expect to receive.