Seventy Months and Counting

123JUNK is entering its 70th month in business. What’s the relevancy of 70 months? There is none… except for the fact that it means we’ve made nearly every mistake a start-up company can make. We’ve done everything wrong at least once, and from that, we’ve learned and improved considerably. We’ve improved our brand, the quality of our services and our position in the market. We’ve refined our hiring process and we’ve put together a first-rate team whose members are all in alignment and know what we stand for. We’ve re-designed our website, our marketing material and even our trucks. We’ve positioned ourselves as the BMW of Junk Removal, in terms of quality and not in terms of pricing.

We take pride in the fact that we’re small, but our larger competitors still consider us thought leaders in our industry. We’ve denied inquires from folks in other areas of the country who have reached out to us asking about franchise opportunities in their cities. We were founded in the Washington DC area, and we feel that we’ve only scratched the surface of our potential here locally. We’ve fought off urges to install an 800 telephone number onto the side of our trucks. We want the community to know that we’re the local guys… the underdogs. But don’t be fooled, we bring to the client experience, no less integrity or professionalism than any of our West Coast or Canadian based national competitors.

We’ve only just begun!

We take pride in how far we’ve come, but we’re humbled by the fact that we still have a long road ahead of us. Please share with us any suggestions for how we may be able to improve our brand, our services or our message. We realize that if we’re not relentless in our pursuit to be the very best that we can, then we’re simply stale and unremarkable. Thank you for those of you who have supported us either directly or by referral. We’re blessed to have a strong base of cheerleaders that serve as an extension of our own sales force.

If we don’t have the opportunity to talk before 2014, enjoy your holiday season and God Bless!

Valuable resources as you prepare for a move

 Our business model doesn’t provide all of the answers when it comes to organizing your move and keeping everything on schedule.  Some of these are obvious, and others you might not have thought about when you’ve moved in the past. 

Read through some of the services most commonly used in conjunction with relocation, and you can be sure that you’re totally prepared for your next move—whenever that may be.

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123JUNK Tips To Make Your Move Green

Moving to a new home is a stressful and arduous process. In most moves you’re not just transporting your belongings from one location to another. You’re relocating your family, changing jobs, making new neighbors and friends, as well as making numerous other changes to your life.  Often times when you’re in the midst of a move you have about a thousand different things to worry about and the last thing on your mind is how your move is going to impact the environment. 

Since you probably don’t have the time or patience to consider all the environmental factors at play during your move, here are some tips courtesy of the 123JUNK Team to help make your next move as “green” as possible:

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