What 123JUNK’s rapid growth means for our clients

Employees stay engaged with a company for lots of reasons, but there are two that I consider the most important. 1) They feel like they are making a difference. 2) They feel like they are progressing in their role at the company. As much as it pains me to admit it, we’re lacking a bit on the first one. In the company’s defense, it’s not really something we can control. After all, we’re a junk removal service.

We are making a difference in our client’s lives in some important ways. In some cases, we’re helping people who are going through a divorce, dealing with an estate of a recently deceased family member, or desperately racing against time to clean out a home as it goes to closing. We’ve helped hoarders, flood victims, fire victims and tornado victims. In many cases were a necessary (but appreciated) evil.

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