Yard Sale Tips From 123JUNK

Now that the sun is shinning and the weather is warm, you’re probably seeing all those “Yard Sale” signs popping up around your neighborhood. Whether your moving, re-organizing, or you just want to clean out your garage, basement, or crowded storage room, a Yard Sale is a great way to de-clutter. At the same time you can make a few extra bucks to go towards that beach vacation you’ve been saving up for this summer!

Here are some useful tips to help make your yard sale successful:

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Bay Service Verses Ocean Experience

The month of April whizzed by like a Formula 1 racecar, and here we are in May. Spring cleaning is in full swing, and the temperatures are creeping up from warm to hot. It’s the time of year to go through your garage, basement, or even attic to dust off the lawn mowers, bathing suits and beach towels. If you find yourself in need of a helping hand to make the process of clearing out un-used or un-wanted “junk” less taxing, a crew of 123JUNK men and a truck could be the answer. There are, however more exciting things to think about this time of year than cleaning, like for instance the beach. Growing up on an island I’m no stranger to the beach, and two particular memories stand out among the rest.

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