Is my stuff hazardous?

Junk removal companies are limited in terms of what they can accept when they pick up your items. More often than not, if we cannot pick up a specific item, it’s because the item has been classified by the EPA as “hazardous waste.” You might be surprised to find out what items are included in that category.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most common hazardous waste items we come across. We are authorized to take some of the items, while others cannot be hauled without special EPA permits and special vehicles. Fortunately, most ordinances allow local residents to transport these items to local disposal facilities themselves.

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It’s Not All Junk!

The crazy things we find

People often ask us, do you come across any “good” items? The question is vague but the answer is always the same. I’ve been in this business for nearly 5 years now and I am still constantly amazed by the volume of good, interesting, or bizarre things we’re asked to haul away!

As each new employee comes in, we have to set their expectations early, so that they don’t get too excited on their first day. Some days are filled with blood, sweat and filth, while others seem to bear valuables at every turn.

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