Finding Value in Junk

Junk Removal is becoming a bigger and more competitive business every day. The bigger and more competitive it becomes, the more significant numbers become in the success of a junk removal company.

There are three numbers that are most significant: price, volume, and disposal percentages.

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Could You Sell it Blog 2

Could You Sell It?

I really think, with a little bit of TLC, someone could fix it up and use it for a long time. If you operated the phones at 123Junk for a week, you might hear it a dozen times. The phrasing may change, but the sentiment is always the same.

Even though “junk” is in the name of our business, people sometimes have very high expectations about what we can do with a used piece of furniture. Maybe it is because we tell our customers that we make every effort to donate items (we do), or that about half of the items we collect as a company are either recycled or donated to charity (they are).

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