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Oct 06, 2013

Valuable resources as you prepare for a move

 Our business model doesn’t provide all of the answers when it comes to organizing your move and keeping everything on schedule.  Some of these are obvious, and others you might not have thought about when you’ve moved in the past. 

Read through some of the services most commonly used in conjunction with relocation, and you can be sure that you’re totally prepared for your next move—whenever that may be.

Moving Resources:

Movers – Aside from standard door to door moving services, movers can often be used to place hard-to-carry items curbside for pickup by charities or your local trash company.  If you’re sure the item can be picked up by trash service or a charity, this is a great way to knock out some of the back-breaking work.  Be sure to point out donation items to the salesperson during the initial walk-through portion of the estimate.

Professional Organizers – These folks can help you to sort, pack, and set aside items for donation and disposal.  Best used if you have ample time to work with (several weeks).  They can help you to prioritize your move, and set a timeline for when certain tasks should be achieved.

Estate Sales Companies – Estate sales can be a great way to offset the cost of disposal when cleaning out a property.  Not all homes are great candidates for estate sales, but in cases where a homeowner will be leaving most of the items in the house behind, this may be a good option.  Estate sales companies tend to offer full-service solutions, so the house goes from full to broom clean.

Auctioneers – Not to be confused with estate sales companies, though some outfits do both.  Auctioneers generally use their own facilities, where you can drop off items and collect a consignment upon the sale of the item.

Resellers – Resellers offer another avenue for offsetting disposal costs during a home clean-out.  There are several types of resellers, most of whom sell items online for consignment.  Contact our office for more information on resellers who might fit your specific needs.

Junk Removal Companies – Your one-stop shop for cleanouts and disposal.  Choose the company that best fits your needs by analyzing the amount of volume available in the truck bed divided into the price of a full truck. Not all companies are created equal, so be sure that you’re getting a reasonable per-unit rate, and make sure that the company is insured. Nothing ruins the last leg of a smooth clean-out like paying to repair gashes in the walls and floor. Note the disposal process the company uses. Are you interested in having items donated?  Do you have electronics and other potentially hazardous items that require special disposal?  


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