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Jun 05, 2013

What 123JUNK’s rapid growth means for our clients

Employees stay engaged with a company for lots of reasons, but there are two that I consider the most important. 1) They feel like they are making a difference. 2) They feel like they are progressing in their role at the company. As much as it pains me to admit it, we’re lacking a bit on the first one. In the company’s defense, it’s not really something we can control. After all, we’re a junk removal service.

We are making a difference in our client’s lives in some important ways. In some cases, we’re helping people who are going through a divorce, dealing with an estate of a recently deceased family member, or desperately racing against time to clean out a home as it goes to closing. We’ve helped hoarders, flood victims, fire victims and tornado victims. In many cases were a necessary (but appreciated) evil.

However, my staff isn’t researching the cure for cancer. They’re not looking for the alternative energy sources that will reverse climate change. And they aren’t taking care of special needs children. These very important and commendable, but often underappreciated career choices would likely make the decision to leave a company in these areas a very difficult one.

But one thing we do have is a powerful attribute that gives us a tremendous advantage over our competition. We’re growing at a rapid pace. 3 months into our 5th year of business, we reported nearly a 50% growth in revenues.

Why is this important to the client? Growth creates a sense of progression for the employee. Lack of growth creates a stale company culture. In my opinion, it is when people begin to feel like there is no progression at the company where they are working that they begin to get restless. They are more likely to start looking for another job. I believe higher turnover results in poorer performance, less company loyalty and a higher level of chaos, which ultimately leads to a less impressive client experience. Our average team member stays on board nearly three times longer than the junk removal industry standard. That’s something we’re awfully proud of.

If managed properly, quick growth is good for the staff and the client. Just another thing to consider next time you need to hire a junk hauler.

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