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May 03, 2013

Bay Service Verses Ocean Experience

The month of April whizzed by like a Formula 1 racecar, and here we are in May. Spring cleaning is in full swing, and the temperatures are creeping up from warm to hot. It’s the time of year to go through your garage, basement, or even attic to dust off the lawn mowers, bathing suits and beach towels. If you find yourself in need of a helping hand to make the process of clearing out un-used or un-wanted “junk” less taxing, a crew of 123JUNK men and a truck could be the answer. There are, however more exciting things to think about this time of year than cleaning, like for instance the beach. Growing up on an island I’m no stranger to the beach, and two particular memories stand out among the rest.

I was rounded up with a group of my friends for a day at the beach one blistering August morning; given that we were on Long Island I was imagining the powerful, crisp, white-capped waves of the ocean. After parking the car and trekking across asphalt that seared the rubber tread of my worn out sandals, we approached the beach… only it wasn’t the beach. Instead what I saw was a mix of sand and rock, and pathetic waves lapping up on the shore. We were at the bay, and I was disappointed.

The next summer I was spending a weekend with my family out east. We stayed in a small wood-shingled beach house, that the years of summer sun had stained a pale shade of brown. It was only a short drive down the town’s main street, past the local (only open in spring and summer) stores to the bay, so when we left in the morning for the beach, it was there that I assumed we were going. When I stepped out from the car I could smell the sand and ocean salt on the wind. Even from the parking lot I could hear the waves crashing, the entire experience of that day far exceeded my expectations.

When people hire services like quality moving companies, they often expect the “ocean experience”, and it takes mistakes or problems for them to end up feeling let down, like they received “bay service”. Contrary however, the popular expectation level for junk removal companies is that people are going to receive “bay service”, but at 123JUNK, making sure their expectations are shattered, and they get the “ocean experience” is our first priority.

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