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Mar 30, 2013

Protecting the Home

Our reputation has been built on giving our clients an unexpectedly great experience that they can share with their friends and family.  We continue to build on that reputation by going above and beyond the standards that our competitors and regulators set for us in our line of work.

Consider, for instance, a recent conversation we had with someone who has used junk removal companies in the past.  He said that he doesn’t use junk removal companies because they don’t go to the same lengths as moving companies to protect the home.  In his experience, junk removal companies were more likely to scratch walls, damage items, and leave him unsatisfied with his experience, than say, a moving company would be. He obviously hadn’t used 123JUNK before, but it’s not uncommon for our clients to feel that way about hauling companies before they’ve experienced us.

The experience we provide for our clients is different.  Our crews carry professional grade protective covering for railings, doorways, and floors.  We equip each crew with shoe covers so they can walk through the house without soiling or damaging freshly cleaned floors and carpeting.

Our service standard doesn’t stop there, either.  Even after protective measures are taken inside the home, accidents can happen.  Walls or floors may be nicked.  That’s why we carry all necessary insurances.  Our pre- and post-appointment walk-throughs ensure that your space is unmarred, and the job is done to your liking (or better).  Our commitment to a great experience isn’t confined to simply covering some railings and doorways, or rolling out protective floor covering.

Because of our procedures for collecting feedback and consistently evaluating our work, we’re constantly digging to find our faults, and we’re steadily improving our services so we can better meet the expectations of our friends, family and neighbors.  After all, as a referral-driven business, those are the folks we’re servicing.

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