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Jan 17, 2013

Relaxing and Responsible Refrigerator Removal

What do you do with that refrigerator you no longer want or need on moving day? The default action for most people is to leave the fridge for the next person moving in, but sometimes that is not an option and it must be disposed of some other way. (Note that this article speaks about getting rid of a fridge or freezer for any purpose, whether you are moving or not. Either way, we are ready to assist!)

Will charity take my fridge?

As usual, the most preferred option is to donate the item to charity. Good news: A refrigerator is actually an item which has a good chance of qualifying for charity donation. 123JUNK works with charity organizations such as Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore or Good Shepherd Alliance to donate items whenever possible for the benefit of the community and the donor as well (a tax write-off might be possible).

However, just because they often qualify doesn’t mean all refrigerators are in good enough shape to donate. If the fridge is not in working order or smells like something someone would never want to eat near, homeowners should be honest and realistic about the possibility that the fridge may have to be recycled or thrown away. If your fridge is a borderline case and you aren’t sure whether it qualifies for donation or not, we will provide well-educated advice, assuming you have already agreed to use our services.

Safely disposing of freon

If your fridge cannot be donated, you must have the Freon removed. Freon is one of the most toxic chemicals out there and should never go into a landfill or simply be left on the curb. Freon will not remain inside a fridge taken to a landfill or some other place forever, but will eventually leak out into the environment. We uphold environmental standards which require a third party to remove the Freon for the sake of the local water supply, the local animal population, and many other environmental concerns.

Getting your refrigerator out of the home safely

One of the great things about relying on 123JUNK, whether you are donating or disposing of your fridge, is that we will come into your residence and remove the fridge for you. Our insured staff relieve your health and your possessions of the risk of moving this heavy, bulky object from your living space. Using our services eliminates the risk of winding up in a hospital waiting room, having your walls scratched, or any of the many catastrophes that may befall the average homeowner or renter who takes it upon themselves to dispose of a fridge. Even areas which present access challenges, such as a flight of stairs or a door frame requiring a tight squeeze are something our experienced experts are ready and willing to handle for you.

Do your community, your family, your possessions, and your back a favor and let 123JUNK dispose of that fridge in a safe, easy, environmentally responsible manner!

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