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Jan 13, 2013

What to do with that old Couch?

Okay, so you’ve gotten those precious hours of relaxation out of your old couch, for better or worse, and are ready to get rid of or replace it. 123JUNK helps clients find the best method of disposal to suit the specific couch or similar furniture based on the priority theme: Donate, Recycle, Dispose.

If possible, we always strive to donate couches which can be reused. We can evaluate whether or not your couch can be donated to a charity or non-profit company to benefit the less fortunate, protect the environment, and even possibly get you a tax write-off. However, there are requirements for donations, such as having no major stains, pet hair/dander, animal scratches, etc. We are equipped to educate and advise clients about what charities will take. If it qualifies, we will also carefully load the old couch so that no further damage comes to it, ensuring that cushions, pillows, and any other accessories remain together and in optimal shape.

The challange with curbside trash or charity pickup

Often curbside trash pickup or charities will not take couches at all; but even ones that will pick them up have strict, inflexible guidelines about what day they will pick it up. Needless to say, such schedules can be very inconvenient for you when juggling work, home care, and who knows how many other responsibilities. Couches that sit by the roadside or in an alley way attract insects and pests that endanger your home, your neighbors’ homes, and children in the area. We will find a pick-up time that is convenient for you and allows the couch to be immediately disposed of in the optimal manner.

The value of hiring an insured professional 

Also, even when trash companies or charities pick up your couch, they won’t carry it out of your home for you the way we will. Most couches barely fit through a doorway leading to the outside of a home. Serious damage can be caused to doorways, lamps can be knocked over, and a whole host of other costly losses can result in disposing of furniture without the help of our trained professionals. And perhaps the best reason of all to use us is simply to protect the most valuable asset of all: Your health. Every year countless individuals develop or re-injure their backs or other body parts trying to dispose of junk!

Why not do your neighbors, your family, yourself and (if donate-able) your planet, a favor and let the professionals dispose of that old couch easily and efficiently?

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