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Dec 27, 2012

We get holiday cards from our clients!

Like many companies, we at 123JUNK spend all year focused on how we can improve our processes, improve our efficiency, improve our client experience, improve, improve, improve! We discuss improvement until we’re blue in the face. In fact we put so much emphasis on our never ending quest to get better that we often fail to realize the successes that we’ve experienced during the year!

Then the holidays come, and for one month, we put the subject of improvement on the shelf and refocus our energy on showing thanks to those who were responsible for our prior year’s successes! We try to thank our clients, our referral partners, and our staff. We try to thank our families, our friends and anybody who played a role in our individual and organizational development. The more we think about it, the more we have to be grateful for!

This “time of reflection” is not unique to 123JUNK. In fact, individuals and companies all across the country spend their holidays doing this exact same exercise! Whether it’s a holiday card, a gift or just simply picking up a telephone to say thanks, each gesture has its place. For us, like many companies, it’s just what you do during the holidays! But there is something that I believe is unique to 123JUNK – something that makes me proud to be steering the ship at this organization.

Every year, we get dozens of family holiday cards from our clients! I’m not talking about corporate cards or even handwritten notes from people in our networks of business colleagues – I would guess that most people get these types of cards. What I mean is, for dozens of loyal clients, 123JUNK – the entity, is on their holiday card list. As they wait in line at Costco or One Hour Photo to cheerleaderproduce a stack of holiday cards to send to their loved ones and those they cherish the most, they print one additional card to send to 123JUNK!

As our business has grown, so too has the number of cards that we receive each year. Many of these cards come from families who have used us only one time! Some come from repeat clients. But the fact that they come at all, and the fact that the number is growing each consecutive year, is about as flattering as it gets! After all, if our clients enjoyed their experience enough to trouble themselves with a holiday card to 123JUNK, imagine what they’re telling their friends about us!

Happy Holidays!

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