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Oct 24, 2012

Is my stuff hazardous?

Junk removal companies are limited in terms of what they can accept when they pick up your items. More often than not, if we cannot pick up a specific item, it’s because the item has been classified by the EPA as “hazardous waste.” You might be surprised to find out what items are included in that category.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most common hazardous waste items we come across. We are authorized to take some of the items, while others cannot be hauled without special EPA permits and special vehicles. Fortunately, most ordinances allow local residents to transport these items to local disposal facilities themselves.

Hazardous items

Paint. By far the most common thing we come across that we can’t actually haul. In its liquid form, paint is classified by the EPA as a hazardous waste, and requires special permits to haul and discard. Paint is also one of the easiest items for our clients to discard on their own. If you’re within our service area, your county has hazardous waste disposal options that you can find on your county’s website.

Batteries. Another common item found around the house, batteries present a disposal problem for nearly every household. Since resources are so limited for battery disposal, a lot of folks simply toss them out with the trash. Look here for some helpful tips on getting rid of batteries in a fashion that’s a little bit more earth-friendly.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs). CFL bulbs are a great alternative to the old incandescent bulbs we used to use. They last much longer and they don’t require as much electricity to operate, which saves money and reduces the number of bulbs streaming into waste facilities. CFLs are still toxic, though. Most county waste facilities will accept these items, but usually on a limited basis. Check with your local county facilities to find out when and where they accept CFLs.

Electronics. We can pick these up for you! Electronic waste is the leading contributor to toxic waste in our landfills, even though it only represents a small portion of the overall waste going into landfills. 123JUNK recycles or donates ALL of the electronic items that we pick up. Whether you’ve got transistors, computer monitors, CRT televisions, stereo equipment, or any other item that plugs into a wall, we can haul it away for you and make sure that it is properly handled.

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