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Jan 03, 2013

Empty Nest Without the Mess: Reestablishing A Feasible Living Area After Your Child Moves Out

So, your young (or in some cases not-so-young) one is moving out to let you begin enjoying your golden years. But are they really so “golden” with all this junk left lying around cluttering up your living area? It only makes sense that parents get rid of some or most of their son or daughter’s possessions when they are going away for school or just moving out to start living on their own or with a spouse. Yet since youths usually begin their adult lives with menial income, many leave an inordinate amount of possessions at the home of the parent. 123JUNK can help clean up the “empty nest” once your offspring have left so you can soar free without fluttering around in clutter.

Converting your child’s room to a guest bedroom

One option parents have is to turn the child’s room into a guest room; there is still a place for the son or daughter to come home to visit, but your child is also encouraged to make a life for themselves. This option is good if there is any chance they may move back into the home in the future after finishing school or going through less fortunate occurrences such as divorce or eviction. Nevertheless, it makes no sense for you to put your domestic life on hold rather than let us help clear out living space more suited to the current living arrangement.

Another option available is for you to work with the offspring to get a storage unit for some of their stuff. Again, we can be invaluable in helping transport items safely, or referring you to one of our partners in the moving industry.

Decluttering as a team

If possible, it is good for the young man or woman to help you sort their possessions. This will prevent those items which seem like junk but in fact have sentimental value from being disposed of, which in turn prevents arguments like “I can’t believe you got rid of my Winnie the Pooh teddy bear! How could you?!” As usual, we recommend the three pile method of items to donate or recycle, items to dispose of or trash, and ofcouse – items to keep.

The key to maximizing items which qualify for donations is to get rid of the unwanted valuable possessions early rather than later, so they are still worth something to someone. If too much time passes, items which might have been donated may have to be disposed of through recycling or worse: trashed altogether.

Parents and offspring alike should be prepared to pay some price to get rid of the clutter. Keeping items that you “might” use, but probably won’t if brutally honest with yourself often detract from enjoying what possessions you will definitely use in the long run. Items must be re-organized, kept from dust and theft, and other general headaches which are best to prevent if at all possible, and worth the sacrifice of possibly throwing away one or two things that your sister’s cousin’s daughter might be able to use five years down the road.

You want your son or daughter to live life to its fullest potential? Lead by example by cleaning out your new living space, and let 123JUNK make the process easier, safer, and better for our community and environment.

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