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Aug 13, 2012

Where does it all go?

Covanta’s Waste-to-Energy Plant

Junk Removal—in principle it’s a really simple service. All you need is a reliable truck, a few strong backs, a container or warehouse, and a local trash facility. When you really start to dig into the rules and regulations governing disposal today, though, it can quickly become convoluted. Of course, that’s a big reason why companies like 123JUNK exist!

For 123JUNK’s clients, junk removal is still a simple process. Punch some numbers into your phone, book an appointment, and point to what goes. It’s our job to keep it that                                                                                       way for our clients.

Regardless of the complications that arise for us because of increased environmental concerns, it’s our responsibility to maintain our same reliable, straightforward style of business. Still, our clients are often curious about what happens on the back end, long after the appointment is over and their items have been sorted and reallocated.

One of the ways we simplify our operation is by passing the buck to Covanta Energy. Covanta Fairfax, Inc. owns and operates a “waste-to-energy” plant. If an item can’t be donated to our network of charity partners or recycled by our team of recycling vendors, it generally gets dumped at the I-66 transfer station in Fairfax or directly into the holding pit at the Covanta Energy facility.

Covanta systematically converts your rubbish into energy while they also drastically reduce the volume and weight of the waste that enters their facility. It’s a well-devised chain of processes that makes our 1-2-3 process look, well—simple. And that’s just fine by us.

For you sustainability junkies (pun intended) out there, you can click through to read more on Covanta Energy and how the Fairfax plant sets the standard for an efficient and sustainable operation.

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