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Jul 27, 2012

Donation, Consignment, and Making the Most of the Disposal Process

Customers often ask us about our charity network and exactly how it works. We have several charity partners throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland. Through a system of flex storage locations and sophisticated batching, we’re able to route.

Because our process is proprietary, and because it plays such a critical role in our operations, we can’t give a full, transparent view of exactly how we reallocate items to charities. It would eliminate one of our most distinct advantages in our market space: the ability to get your stuff donated more reliably than our competitors.

Another common request we receive is for items to be dropped off at specific charities. Depending on the logistics of the drop-off, that may not always be possible. For specific charity deliveries, we generally charge an hourly fee to compensate for the time and opportunity lost by going outside of our system. On the whole, we always recommend strongly that you leave it to our 1-2-3 process to get yourself the best possible deal.

In order to keep cost down and donations up, we have to stick to our process. In the long run, we’re still donating more items and returning more authentic donation receipts than any other junk removal in the DC area. And as time passes, our network grows. We’re continually building up our network of donation resources and finding new, innovative ways to get them involved in our business.

There are, however, several resources available to our prospective customers that fall outside our normal disposal process. Consignment shops are the most prevalent, since 123JUNK doesn’t take part in consignment of items.

Oftentimes 123JUNK actually stands in as a facilitator between our clients and resale operations, so that our clients are the ones who derive the benefit from their items being resold. We don’t profit from the sale of our clients’ items. Our strengths are outstanding service, reliability, and eco-friendly disposal.

Consignment can be a great option for items that you can transport yourself, since you stand to make money if they sell.Some consignment shops, though, offer a decreasing percentage of profits the longer the item is on the rack. Be sure to weigh your options as you go through your items, and determine for yourself whether consignment is a better option than donation.

As always, if you have any questions about this entry, junk removal, or donation, don’t hesitate to contact us at the office!

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