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Jul 19, 2012

Freeze! – Curbing Illegal Refrigerant Venting

123Junk has a program in place which helps ensure that all of the refrigerant-filled appliances we collect go through proper recovery steps. It’s an important point to articulate in the disposal process because most of the refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers that we collect contain harmful, ozone-depleting compounds. This is especially true of older model appliances.

While laws exist to regulate the proper recovery and disposal of refrigerants, the facilities that are available to consumers and businesses alike often fall short of the standards set by the EPA and other governing bodies. By having a refrigerant recovery program in place, we’re reassuring our clients that we will take personal responsibility to make sure that we’re disposing of their items the right way!

Regulations on freon and other pollutants

Since refrigerant recovery is not strictly regulated, many individuals and companies will simply open up the refrigeration systems in these appliances and allow the gas to vent. The gases that are released are harmful pollutants that damage the atmosphere, and they can also be extremely harmful if inhaled. On top of that, the process is illegal (and has been, federally, since 1992).

Knowingly venting refrigerant into the air can result in stiff penalties, which you can read about here . The EPA may asses a fine of up to $37,500.00 a day for violating regulations pertaining to refrigerant handling and recovery.

That’s why our process is so important. The EPA offers up some resources on disposing of appliances that use refrigerants (you can check that out here), but it still creates a pain for consumers who just want to get rid of an old fridge or freezer in one easy step.

Options for disposal

In order to have the item hauled away, you either have to call and pay both a reclaimer and a removal company, or you can pay to have a hauling company pick up and dispose of the item illegally. Neither option is favorable when you consider the damage being done in the process (whether it’s to your wallet or the environment).

123JUNK offers an all-in-one solution for you. For a small fee in addition to our normal by-volume charge, we can remove your old appliance and see to it that the refrigerant is safely recovered.

Because of the number of appliances we collect, we are able to negotiate lower reclamation costs for our customers. And since we already hire and retain the most capable crews in the business, you can be positive that the item will be handled properly so that no damaging gases vent from the appliance during transport.

It’s just one more way that 123JUNK sets itself apart from any other junk removal company you’ve worked with. That’s why we can say with confidence that we’re the greenest junk removal company in the DC area, period.

(For more information on appliance removal, click here).

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